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Gnu Insurance
Thinking of Travel Insurance? Think Gnu
Single Trip Cover
Annual Multi-Trip Cover
Flexible Cover
Get a quote for Single Trip cover
Pay for the exact amount of cover you require down to the number of days travel and your specific destination
Zero excess fee option
Over 150 pre-existing medical conditions accepted at no-charge
Up to £15m worth of medical cover
Cover for couples, families and groups
Get a quote for Annual Multi Trip cover
Cover for many medical conditions at no extra cost
Three levels of cover
You can take several holidays a year knowing that you're covered
Optional extras include Golf Cover, Winter Sports Cover and Cruise Cover
Get a quote for Flexible cover
Start Basic – One small up front payment gives you year-round cover for pre-travel essentials like cancellation
Stay flexible - No need to commit to a destination or extras up front
Save money – Add pay by the day cover only for those days you’re away
Simple does it - Fill in your details once then use them for planning each trip
AXA Travel Insurance
This policy is arranged by Gnu Insurance and underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA), which is fully owned by the AXA Group. IPA claims are handled
by AXA Travel Insurance.
Your Questions about Gnu Travel Insurance
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Gnu fact #1. As large as they are, Gnu can run very fast when threatened. They also find safety in numbers.

Travel Insurance

Gnu Insurance offers worldly-wise travel insurance for the seasoned traveller. Whether you're hoofing it around Europe or roaming further afield, we can offer you great holiday insurance cover at a competitive price.

Single Trip Travel Insurance »

Our Single Trip cover lets you purchase the exact cover you need so it's ideal if you are going abroad just once this year.

Annual Travel Insurance »

If you're taking several holidays, you may be able to save money with our Annual Multi Trip cover.

Pay by the day Travel Insurance »

Or you can opt for our new unique Flexible cover. It's ideal if you aim to travel 14 to 35 days in a year but like to keep your options open. One upfront payment gives you year-round cover for pre-travel essentials like cancellation and insolvency of travel or accommodation suppliers, in addition to cover for any trip in the UK of two days or more. Then as your travel plans unfold, you can add 'Pay By The Day' Cover before each trip abroad, from as little as 67p per day.

Well Covered – even if you’re 85yrs old»

At Gnu Insurance we like the seasoned traveller. So if you’re thinking of globe-trotting into your early 80’s or travelling with family into your 50’s – you might find your cover won’t be compromised. If anything, it will be just what you want and how you want it.

Pre-existing Medical Travel Insurance »

We also offer travel insurance to cover pre-existing medical conditions, many of which can be covered at no extra cost. Our medical screening is so straightforward you can even do it online.

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